About Us

Başkent Patent was established by Yusuf Sarıkaya in Ankara in 1996 to operate in the field of industrial property rights and continued its services with İstanbul branch opened in 1998. 


Başkent Patent provides consultancy and attorney services in the areas of industrial property rights like trademarks, patents, industrial designs, utility models and geographical signs. Başkent Patent has had an uninterrupted service in the field of industrial property since 1996 and is authorized to represents its clients through its trademark&patent attorneys registered at TPE (Turkish Patent Institute) and WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization). 


Başkent Patent constantly revises itself based on the current conditions and keeps pace with the developments in the field of industrial property rights. It is one of the leading patent offices that observe professional principles. 


We provide support to more than 10,000 companies through our specialist team of xx people assigned in our offices in Ankara and İstanbul, agents throughout Turkey and solution partners in many countries.