Nowadays, the strength of businesses is measured by the value of their trademarks rather than their tangible assets. Trademarks need to be protected for both popularity and material return and they need to be registered in the name of the owner to be protected.


Trademark is any kind of sign that can be displayed especially by words, figures, letters, numbers, shape or package of goods, that can be printed and reproduced including person names provided that it ensures distinction of goods and/or services of a business from the goods and/or services of another business.


Services of Başkent Patent in this field are given below:

  • Preliminary trademark search of registrability
  • Preparation and follow up national, regional and international applications
  • Notification of decisions from official bodies to the client and ensuring necessary actions are carried out within legal periods
  • Preparation, filing and follow up of appeals and invalidity procedures
  • Finalizing trademark registration process and delivering the trademark registration document to the client
  • Following official trademark bulletins, notifying clients about similar trademarks and opposition procedures
  • Registration relevant actions like assignment, transfer, change of address etc.
  • Renewal of trademarks that is about to expire